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  • Heather Norris (Thursday, June 21 18 07:25 pm EDT)

    I have used the Health Body , Pure Minerals, Body detoxing. Wow, it's so AMAZING, from the first time I use used it made my body feel engerize, i can walk the upstairs with no problems, i can walk longer without feeling tired, i can play with the kids without getting winded fast. My colon is regular, no more pain in my back, I take it 2x a day, and feel good. You should try it. It will make you feel good.

    I LOVE IT.

  • Dorothy Williams (Saturday, December 15 18 05:46 pm EST)

    The HEALTH BODY MINERAL (HBM) is an awesome product for healing the whole body. Since I been taking the HBM I have more energy, my finger nail have grown, I am no longer constipated, it is a great for detoxing the body as well, I am seeing great improvement in my body. Praise god for such an awesome healing aid for the body.

  • Dorothy Williams (Saturday, December 15 18 06:11 pm EST)

    The AROMATIQUE OIL, I us it for pain for my lower back I put a drop on the tip of my finger and massage it into the skin and the pain leaves as you are massaging it. I use it when I feel the pain, and feel good. You should try it. It will make you feel all the better. Now I walk, stand for a long time, and walk for six miles without any problem (pain).

  • Dorothy Williams (Sunday, December 16 18 12:01 am EST)

    Rejuvenescence make you young again and it is a miraculous blood cleansing tonic that I use for clearing up cancer cells and it has been working very well as removing cancer from my body, I take a ½ teaspoon two times a day and I thank God for cleansing and renewing my body back to good health and on the road to wellness.

  • Matthew Jones (Tuesday, January 08 19 05:07 pm EST)

    I love my Healthy Body Minerals and this my third purchase because it works fine.

    It helps how take the inflammation out of my legs and whole body.
    It helps keep my bowels and stool loose.
    I sleep better now. My energy level is stronger than others used to be.

    It helps with erections.

    The Aromatique oil helps with my legs and they are not ashy as they used to be.
    It helps with my leg, hip and back pain. It helps with my arthritis and skin. It is not dry like it was.
    It takes around 5 minutes for the pain to go away and sometimes less depending how bad the pain is. I over the oil and I am on my 3rd bottle because it works real well.

    The Moon and Stars works. It helped with my dry skin and the pain too.

  • Majorie's Williams (Friday, January 18 19 11:52 pm EST)

    The HBM MINERALS is real good. I take it every day. When I was sick I took it 3 times a day and it helped me real good. It helped me to lose weight. People in my building noticed I loss weight.

    My blood pressure is 125/68.
    It used to be 168/65.

    The AMBERGRIS for my diabetes brought my sugar down low. My sugar was 235 and now it is 128.
    I take 5 drops in the morning a half hour before eating. I take it 3 times a day for 3 meals that way.

    The AHH! for breathing and coughing stops me from coughing and I breathe straight. I used it 2-4 times a day. My chest and don't hurt before especially when I coughed alot. Now it doesn't.

    I bought the Rain Ta Colon Cleanse to help clean my colon out.

    The AROMATIQUE oil took the pain out my back, ankles and hands. When I was home for Christmas I rubbed my nephew down in it. It took the pains out if his broken knee.
    My sister rubbed her hands in it and it stopped her from hurting from arthritis.

    When I met Sydney at the park she rubbed my ankles with the AROMATIQUE oil and it took the pain away. I was hurting really bad that day. I did not think it was going to work, but I wanted to see if she was telling the truth. It took 2 minutes for it to work. She put it on me and some other strangers for free. I band the strangers bought some bottles from her right then. Other people bought when they watched what happen to us.

    The Moon and Stars it makes my skin feel lovely.

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